Our Multifaceted Approach

At Wordsmith Consultancy, we take a holistic approach in addressing all the needs of our clients. After a careful study of a client’s brief, we will adopt a multifaceted approach to find the best solutions for our client. To us, every client is special with its own unique needs.

We believe in taking a broad overview of the scenario, understanding the client’s business, and then working on finding the best solutions. In today’s era of high-speed multi-platform communication, getting the messages across to the market place is even more complex. Our years of experience and exposure to a variety of situations have equipped us to respond to the challenges. We will continually monitor the outcomes and recommend improvements so as to defend our clients against falling into complacency.

Our years of experience have seen us through many different scenarios and our team is well-equipped to tailor our expertise to meet the client’s needs. Our exposure ranges from organising a product launch, organising opening events for corporate clients, engaging and getting the buy-in from the community, communicating an idea to a target audience, organising public campaigns, corporate branding, managing an adverse event or crisis, strategising and managing corporate reputation, to organizing business meetings and the production of collaterals, speech writing and video production. Our editorial team is equipped to write speeches, reviews for annual reports of public-listed companies, and the publication of corporate collaterals and production of corporate videos.

Wordsmith’s advisory has today gone beyond just the realm of communicating. We also assist clients in setting up business networking sessions, organising product displays / exhibitions as well as planning and executing public campaign management.

Another key focus in Wordsmith’s services is the management of communications during a crisis. We will help clients in setting up a crisis programme which can be activated in a timely manner to respond to a given situation. Businesses must stay prepared for all eventualities, and we at Wordsmith will be your best partner to help you walk through difficult crossroads, say and do the right things to mitigate the situation, and protect your corporate image.

Wordsmith takes pride in having a long-standing reputation of excellence and reliability in helping our corporate clients to achieve their goals, value-add on their business and put them at the forefront of the industry. Our wide network spans across the healthcare, finance, engineering, oil/petroleum and property sectors. We have successfully advised on various projects in Singapore, and engaged the target audiences using various platforms including the new media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

As Wordsmith’s client, you can take comfort in our professional advisory to help you navigate through various challenges.  We observe strict confidentiality on our client’s businesses. We will stay in the backstage so that the limelight is rightly focused not on us but on our clients. For Wordsmith, what matters most is the difference that we make to your business.