Press Report on UGS Energy

Screenshot from Zaobao ePaper

UGS Energy宣布退出电力零售市场

(早报讯)UGS Energy私人有限公司宣布,本周三(10月27日)将退出电力零售市场。

根据UGS Energy私人有限公司今天发布的文告,为了确保所有顾客顺利过渡,所有顾客都会转给新加坡能源集团。

UGS Energy私人有限公司也将确保所有顾客的电力供应不会受到影响。

This report was pitched to Zaobao by Sunny Wee and first published in the 26 October 2021 print and online free and premium editions of Zaobao

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