Peace of mind against the unforeseen

So we are heading into the second quarter of the new year and everyone is hopeful of a fresh and more auspicious year mood was sullen in Mr Aahh’s
household. For his family, the events that unfolded were somewhat bizarre.

The main water pipe inside his unit is choked which cause flooding and damaged their electrical appliances and flooring. The choke was caused by a
foreign object stuck inside the pipe. They turned to the Town Council to try and seek a claim.

At another flat, the home owner had his water pipes boxed up when they renovated the flat. The owner only discovered the leaks after their cabinet was damaged. They looked to the Town Council to put up a claim for the damage.

In both cases, the Town Council is not responsible and cannot bear the claims. The damage caused are not as the result of the Town Council’s work. The home owners could claim from their own insurance, if they have one.

In the case of Mr Aahh, his wife rebuked him and said: “You bought insurance for your precious car, why didn’t you think of insuring our house?”

And she was right. Many home owners do not buy an insurance to cover their furniture and other items. Why wait until there is a damage before you come running for compensation?

The flat is one of the most important assets you own. It faces risk of fire, damage caused by water seepage, burglary, among many other problems.

The Town Council is not able to compensate for damages that are not of its doing. Or take the case of a fire. The firemen may douse water on your neighbour’s flat which caught fire and the water flows into your unit as a result. You can’t ask the Singapore Civil Defence to pay for the damage to your furniture arising from their hosing of the fire.

While insurance does not prevent these from happening, it can cover the cost of damages incurred, as well as provide support and solutions while the occupants resolve the problem. So if you haven’t bought a policy, go and buy one now!

– This article first appeared in a lifestyle magazine.