Wordsmith has been providing educational material and lessons for Mass Communications students of MOE-regulated institutions at tertiary and post-graduation levels. Our expertise in teaching and hands-on experience in professional communication places us in a strategic position to impart to you essential skills for effective communication with your target audience.

Media Management – How to Face the Press

  • Engaging the media
  • Preparing for a media interview
  • Projecting a good corporate image
  • Public Speaking and Presentation – making speeches that communicates
  • Delivering key messages
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Using appropriate body language and words
  • Understanding journalism

Project Writing

  • Scanning the business horizon
  • Market Research
  • Locating competitive advantage
  • Business projections
  • Appropriate format and language for writing a business proposal

Journalistic Writing

  • Writing structures for different types of stories and media
  • Identifying news elements
  • Research methods
  • Interview skills
  • Stylebook
  • Writing attention-grabbing press releases
  • Turning existing reports and information into newsworthy articles

Creative Writing

  • Finding better angles
  • Deploying different styles for different types of media and promotional material
  • Using quotes and persuasive vocabulary for impact
  • Packaging your written work to create appeal
  • Presenting your writing in logical, chronological order

Effective Front-line Engagement

Having problems with frontline staff not able to deliver to corporate expectations? We will customize a solution that suits your customers’ and staff’s needs:

  • Walk frontline staff through their responsibilities
  • Analyse and anticipate challenges from customers
  • Work with staff to imbue a fresh approach to good customer service

English enrichment for children and adolescents

Our unique “Young Wordsmith” programme endeavours to help your child fall in love with the beautiful language that is English, and apply it to all practical aspects of his /her life, including school and work in the near future. Current affairs and general knowledge will be imparted to the students during the course of study.