The Team

Mr Sunny Wee

At the helm of Wordsmith Consultancy is Mr Sunny Wee, who has almost 30 years of experience in the communications, financial and oil sectors. He brings to clients his intimate knowledge and understanding of various platforms in various areas of business communications and public affairs, besides his experience in banking, trading, management, and in campaigns to influence the hearts and minds.

Mr Wee excels in anticipating issues, identifying the blind spots including matters in a crisis situation, where security and business continuity are important. He has serviced many major public-listed companies in Singapore and other foreign-listed companies. This includes advising a European-headquartered company involved in plantation activity in Indonesia where they were under the close scrutiny of environmental groups.

With his experience as a former journalist and foreign correspondent with the international news agencies, Mr Wee has travelled the region to cover news events. He is understandably also a sought-after lecturer and trainer in the various fields of communication. He has been lecturing for more than 15 years with US and Australia-based universities.  Other than work, he take an interest in jogging and music.

Ms Margaret Chan

A veteran in the financial services sector, Ms Margaret Chan is at her best in customer relations and business development. She is a strategist who is able to anticipate issues even before they crop up. Her good marketing skills have been invaluable in assisting clients to achieve their business objectives.

Ms Chan, who has also good experience in managing businesses, is a go-getter who gives of her best to serve client’s interests, making sure that they get value for their confidence in our advisory. When time permits, she is a yoga enthusiast.

Mr Felix Wee

Business networking and advising companies on business opportunities is the forte of Mr Felix Wee, who is trained in accounting and international business management. He has several years of experience serving as senior management with conglomerates in mainland China and Hong Kong. He travels occasionally and has wide dealings with companies in the US, Europe and Japan. His forte is in negotiations and in getting deals done.

He is passionate about his work and has a strong network with many leading business leaders. His other passion is golf and high-end sports cars.

Ms Ng Mei Yi

Ms Ng Mei Yi graduated from Oklahoma City University with a specialization in Mass Communications. She is witty with words and has an eye for details.  She enjoys reading and writing about social issues and lifestyle. An avid learner who enjoys surfing the web for new knowledge and ideas, she is adept at the use of social media to research information and communicate ideas. She has plenty of editorial experience with press releases, news and lifestyle articles, speeches, copy writing and so forth.

Her frequent forays into online services and her encounters with promotional tactics on social media have sparked her interest in online business tactics. She enjoys observing online marketing and promotional tactics, and is quick to analyze what appeals and what doesn’t appeal from a consumer’s point of view as well as a professional’s point of view.

Outside of work, Mei Yi takes keen interest in travelling, blogging and organising the annual EOY J-Culture Festival.